Restoration of the Façade of Sant’Agapito Church, Palestrina – Rome

Competition entry – 2016

in collaboration with Alessandro Magliani and Costanza Manzoni

The current entrance to Sant’Agapito church is located directly on the main street of Palestrina, while directly next to it is Piazza Regina Margherita, main square of the town.
The project consists on the rotation of the entrance axis towards the square with the complete renovation of the parvis, which becomes now a real filter-space between the church and the square. The parvis is thought as a concrete block with inlays of the iconography of Sant’Agapito and the writing “D.O.M. et in honorem S. Agapiti M. Praen.”. The only intervention on the facade is to plaster out the additions of the 50s, 60s and 80s and leave visible just the original old stones (tuff, marble and bricks).