Architecture Biennale, Lyon

competition entry, 2016

in collaboration with Giulia Fagni, Maria Luis Prates, Paul Schleith

The proposal for the Biennale is to generate a tangible in-between, and distorted but located reality, creating an in-vitro Heterotopia, mimicking the conditions of a virtual reality simulation in a way to critically and physically explore this topic.
As an allegory for these point issues, the installation is an invitation to have the experience of this disembodiment without using the actual technology.
By the use of simple, cheap materials taken from the theater sphere, the visitor has the possibility to experience the transition from the Biennale Hall- the reality- to the representation of virtual space- the simulation.
In an enclosed space the visitor finds himself in a darker environment leading her or him towards one of the Virtual Reality units. The units are independent rooms, with walls that provide both transparent and reflective surfaces (two way mirrors) that can be visually programmed to each other by a „maniac“ lightning. The spatial installation is accompanied by a sound-scape bringing all rooms together by a familiar auditory experience.
As a part of the installation we want to show a video representing the convergences between Virtual Reality and the Heterotopia in a speculative sequence of images to make the visitor associate with the topic.
Both – video and the spatial constellation – should serve as a starting point for a possible variety of workshops researching the consequences that the further development of Virtual Reality technic has on our society. As it has a major impact on how we learn, work, play and live. We should start working on it.