PlusAcne, Venice – Berlin


in collaboration with Stefano Zeni

Plus Acne has the ambition to create a digital archive of images and texts, a sort of great collection (like in a museum or library’s storage), mainly about architecture and arts.
Plus Acne proposes a new topic for every issue and gives guidelines – through an editorial – to spark a debate with people who want to collaborate and give suggestions, ideas, and material regarding that specific subject. Every editorial has a representative picture which is used as the cover of the upcoming issue and delivered as a postcard to architectural offices, galleries and magazines around Europe. In the first four issues (#00 Manifesto, #01 Exhibitionism, #02 Bekleidung, #03 Competitions), Plus Acne presented original scanned images of architectural projects, artworks and texts, trying to find links and possible interpretations between all covered topics.